01 June 2009

Playing in Moreton Bay

Starring: Smurfy, Gnarlydog, Vanilla, Mark Thurgood and Adventuretess

Graham 'Smurfy' Dredge hanging around in the chop

Our small group of kayak buddies headed out to find some action. Unfortunately, conditions were mild and a repeat of a previous surfing trip to the same area was not to be. The unknown is part of the allure of spending time in the elements - no two days are the same and you must adapt to the conditions, challenging or benign. Members of the group were still able to have some fun and practice in the chop - for me a highlight was being able to watch and learn from the most qualified Sea Kayak Instructor in Qld, as he enjoyed a rare play day.

Mark Thurgood from Qld Canoeing is currently the highest qualified instructor in Queensland: Level 3 Sea Instructor, Level 2 Whitewater Instructor, Flatwater Instructor

Nordkapp LV loves it wet and bumpy - so does the kayaker!

As conditions flattened out, our attention changed to rolling (a ritual performed on every trip). As each of us rolled under Mark's watchful eye, we greedily soaked up the observations of a pro. Like Craig McSween, Brian Towell and Rob Mercer, watching Mark Thurgood handle his kayak is like watching a well rehearsed ballet - effortless, all style and technique, no tricks or fireworks - just complete unity with the kayak and water. I have heard the theory that any roll that gets you up is a good roll, but watching Mark (and the others) inspires me - When I grow up, I want to be just like them!
Til next time...