17 February 2011

Happiness is a Stick

Dreamer Matt_Vanstix Aleut paddle
Queensland and my hometown Brisbane, is recovering from the unprecedented weather events of January 2011. Several local beaches and waterways remain closed to swimmers as a precaution. On some of the hottest days of Summer, the usually popular beaches are eerily deserted.
It’s no secret that playing around in my kayak with my stick makes me happy.
Kayaking is a chance for me to be fully present in the moment, not thinking about anything except my body, the paddle, the kayak and the water. Even when I muck it up, it’s still fun. I play to improve my skills and I like that I don’t have to be technically perfect to enjoy myself.
Gnarlydog sculling during a play session
As I play, get wet and focus in the now, I not only come to enjoy the sensation of being underwater in my kayak, I learn how the movements of my body affect the kayak in the water.
Greg Schwarz_Scarecrow roll recovery_copyright Tess Dodd
Greg Schwarz Scarecrow rolling during a play session
Playing with traditional paddles has fast tracked my learning and increased the FUN factor more than I could have imagined.
Greg Schwarz_Upside down or 'downunder' paddling_copyright Tess Dodd
Greg's 'Downunder' stroke
Sticks may not be for everyone, but my friends and I enjoy learning the subtleties of using them - and the benefits they bring!
Tess Rolling Happy_(c)_tess dodd