12 October 2010

Shark I.D. update

Eric Soares has published a story 'How to Deal with Sharks'.

The story includes shark & marine life encounters, tips on dealing with sharks and why it is always a good idea to listen to your kayak instructor.
Just as we practice recovery scenarios, recent media on sharks (giant hammerhead and great white 'lurking' off the Qld coast & the tragic loss of surfers lives in Perth W.A. and Santa Barbara U.S.A.) could encourage non-hysterical discussion among sea kayakers to plan for the unlikely event of a shark encounter - defence, first aid, kayak damage etc ?
Eric's (and the other Tsunami Rangers) experience with sharks as sea kayakers compliments the information shared with us in Shark I.D. by Valerie Taylor A.M.

Shark I.D. post first published July 2010