29 September 2009

Tsunami Rangers Visit

Enjoying the Oregon Coast
Tsunami Rangers Captain Jim Kakuk and Commander Eric Soares will be guest speakers at the 2010 NZ Coastbusters.

This is exciting news, as the opportunity for kayakers down under to see these guys in person is rare. If you don't know much about Jim, Eric and the Tsunami Rangers or their style of kayaking (hard to believe, but not impossible), you can find out more by visiting their website http://site.netopia.com/tsunami/door/

One of my favourite reads is 'Extreme Sea Kayaking' by Eric Soares and Michael Powers (foreward by another SK legend Derek Hutchinson). If you enjoy playing in caves, rock gardens or surf of any size, or simply enjoy reading about it from the safety of your arm chair, I highly recommend tracking down a copy. Contact Eric direct to order the book or any of their inspiring, action packed dvd's eric.soares@csueastbay.edu

For more info on the NZ Symposium in Feb visit http://www.mmcl.co.nz/CB2010/

Planning a February holiday now....

14 September 2009

Whitsundays 2009

Thirteen days kayaking and camping around Qld's Whitsunday Islands, exploring remote islands & hidden sea caves and fishing for watermelon. Full trip report here soon... click the link to check out some of the fun we had playing in a small tide race http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pv7yCOojrVo

Coastal Paddling - Damiano Visocnik

Evening- Damiano Visocnik

Coastal Paddling - Damiano Visocnik