23 May 2009

Pool Play

Feb 2009

After a frustrating morning repeatedly failing my roll, I decided to hit the pool with the video camera to try and discover the problem. Having footage of myself helps me to identify what I am doing right and what I need to change. These low res images taken from the video are to demonstrate what I mean. Looking at them I can see exactly what I am doing, not just what I think I'm doing. Filming yourself is an invaluable tool, give it a try!

18 May 2009

Currumbin Fun

Starring: Adventuretess, Gnarlydog, Vanilla, 30Knot Melt, Gillian, Papa Smurf & Playboat Allan

'Smurf in the Surf ', learning to brace
Heading out of the creek mouth, a dozen surfers were close to the point catching the breakers wrapping around the rocks. Our small group headed for the longer breaking swell to the north. With a reputation for carnage, today conditions at Currumbin 'Alley' were perfect for playing and learning on long gentle waves. The day was Graham's first in his new Assateague - in true Aussie style, he quickly gained the nickname 'Papa Smurf' because of its bright blue colour. Despite warnings that conditions would be small and ideal for beginners, Allan optimistically brought his playboat along. Not having much luck out the back, Allan left us to play in the break closer to shore, displaying enviable boat control skills learned through a strong whitewater background.
Never afraid to try new things it came as no surprise to see Vanilla surfing a wave next to Gnarlydog, trying to video all the action with the camera clutched in his teeth!
We all had to work hard to get onto the waves but once on everyone had good rides, some on the same wave, some almost holding hands... Every now and then a big wave rolled through providing a more exciting ride or for the unprepared, the opportunity to high brace or try a roll.

Small strong waves perfect for brace & launch practice
As the swell flattened out, we ended the day close to shore with Papa Smurf practicing braces. The improvement in Grahams confidence and skills proving the change from a 'stable' plastic rudder boat to a glass skeg kayak was the right choice for him.