08 September 2010

Mid Coast Humpback Whale Discovery

During a recent expedition we discovered a Humpback whale carcass washed up on the beach by a full moon tide. Locals later advised us that the carcass had been drifting around the area in the previous weeks. I ventured closer observing that the baleen had washed up seperately along the beach. The birds seemed to like it but I did not linger as the smell was overpowering.
ex Cap_14
Report and images from the expedition to follow shortly.


  1. Found a carcass as well this past summer in Labrador. The odour can be strong, I agree!

  2. Michael, I much prefer the live ones even though from a kayak their size can be intimidating.
    Canadians are fortunate, you have a beautiful paddle environment filled with exotic (to me)wildlife and your waters are home to many different species of whale. In Queensland where I paddle, we mainly see Humpback whales. Occasionally a Minke will appear and last year small pods of Killer whales were seen on Queenslands south coast. Because of our warm water, Killer whale sightings are unusual this far north in Australia. So far the only deceased whales I've seen have been Humpbacks, I guess due to their size.

  3. Interestingly, we see the same whale species most commonly where I paddle (Newfoundland and Nova Scotia). Killer whales are becoming more common in these waters as well. And I agree, they are so much better seen alive!