19 March 2011

Rainy Weekend Fun

"In my opinion, you can never practice the sculling brace enough. What I like to do is to get into a sculling brace position, looking up, hands under the paddle, let yourself sink and come up on the other side, to the sculling brace. Doing this back and forth very slowly is a good workout. It's good for learning orientation when you’re under water, teaches you to relax and be ok with being in the water". Warren Williamson
Tesie skull
Taking advantage of another rainy weekend when no one else was on the water, I played and had fun, rolling one day and surfing the next. As Warren says, the sculling brace is helpful in learning underwater orientation and relaxing underwater, both important for the kind of sea kayaking I enjoy.
tesie surf_3
Paddling out through the clear green water the sky was ominous and the falling rain stung my eyes. This small discomfort was quickly forgotten as each wave lifted the stern of my kayak for another ride.


  1. It looks like you were "enjoying the moment", great to see.

  2. Thanks Wayne, I am. Wish I had the time to do it more often!

  3. Was just watching a clip on one of your earlier posts, and seeing you sculling I suddenly realised why I always find this more difficult that I think I should - the correct upper body position is so obvious now I think about it...shall experiment this wkd! Great!


  4. Thanks Will
    I am still learning. I look to kayakers who really know what they are doing, like this video of Warren Williamson taken by Reg Lake at Deception Pass. About 2 mins in you can see Warren rolling, and sculling in conditions most of us would prefer to stay dry. Reg's camera work rocks and Warren is a master!