14 October 2009

Kayak Rolls and Skills

If you enjoy accessing quality information, videos and sea kayaking links, I recommend visiting Derrick Mayoleth's website www.kayakquixotica.com
I'm currently hooked on this section of the website http://www.kayakquixotica.com/video-section/index.html it shows some great technique captured on video of different types of rolls and related skills.
When I was first learning to roll, I didnt know the difference between pawlata, C2C or sweep rolls and I recall feeling some frustration because I could only see what was happening on top of the water. As soon as the instructor went upside down and I could no longer see, it became 'secret kayaker business'.
Looking at the short movies filmed from different angles on Derrick's website provides a clear guide to what's going on above and below the water.
Rolling isnt always about survival, it is also about having fun. I can't wait to get in the pool or out on the water and try to recreate some of these moves - perhaps not the bowling ball roll (?)...
Kayaking is an in water sport after all!

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