01 January 2011

Going Out with a Bang

For most of this year I've nursed an injury which has impeded my adventure activities. Opportunities to kayak were precious and with a little help from a Gold Coast instructor, some good kayaking DVDs, books and the endless patience of my mentors, I've experienced some quality bum-in-boat moments.
I enjoy rough water paddling and am in the process of acquiring the skills of kayak surfing. I'm fortunate to have spent the final day of 2010 with my friends in gentle surf, in my Nordkapp LV.

Team Vanstix NYE_c
Team Vanstix_Vanilla, Adventuretess, Gnarlydog NYE 2010


  1. Nice one Tess! Plenty of bouncy water in that video, and looks like you were having a heap of fun. Thanks for sharing all your adventures in 2010, here's to a cracking 2011 on the water! Cheers - FP

  2. Great video, Tess. You had asked me earlier to comment on how you could improve on the water. Well, I think you are doing just fine, and obviously going for it.

    Advice: Let your paddle skim along the water with you as you surf and use it as a stern rudder. Don't put it in front of you to put the brakes on as it may hit you in the face or be ripped out of your hands.

    And when you paddle out through surf, put your head down and actively do a forward power stroke as you penetrate the wave. Don't hold your paddle in front of you, or you will get whacked in the face (ouch!), and may do a backward endo.

    If you do something, like an endo. Don't count it as a mistake. Instead, try to reproduce it on purpose. that's how you get good.

    Finally, Lean forward and downwave until your boat is in the grooveline. Then lean back just far enough to be in control, and then stay in the pocket as long as you want.

    Have fun!

  3. Hi Eric
    I re-watched the video after reading your comments and you've reminded me of a few bad habits I knew I had and highlighted other things I need to avoid doing. Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge with me (& others reading this post). Perhaps one day I will send you some footage of me doing an 'on-purpose' endo :-)
    Always learning