19 April 2009

Cleaning Out the Sinuses

An awesome day playing with the guys between Moreton and Bribie Islands.

Starring - Adventuretess, Vanilla, Gnarlydog, Andrew, Graham, Paul and Danger Eddie.

It was joyful to see 7 kayaks getting tossed about in the messy waves. Still kicking myself that I didnt capture on film Vanilla's rise, fall, dip, dive and brace on a large wave or Danger Eddie's backsurf-stern rudder with a flip on another biggie.

best viewed in HQ mode , full screen (tabs at bottom of window above)
Most impressive kayaker of the day for me was Graham D - well done man!!!
We all finished the session by clearing out the sinuses trying to earn icecreams (3 successful rolls in a row and you get an icecream). No one did 3 - they all did MORE! Hats off to Andrew who did a different roll each time.
Had lots of fun and surprisingly, I did not fail 1 roll - successfully rolling with inuit style paddle and wing paddle and also successful re-enter and roll, thanks to Paul W for simple,clear tuition - it made all the difference.


  1. correction: gnarlydog did no rolling since he sux. I am having tuition by Rob Mercer this w/e. Hopefully I will get my mojo back...
    or I'll take up golf :-)

  2. PS: golf is no longer a consideration :-)