15 April 2009

Team Red Easter at Girra

Starring: Adventuretess, Gnarlydog, Silverfox, Vanilla, Sean and Mini-me

The magnetic pull of granite slabs lured Team Red (plus 4) over steep mountain ranges, past lush paddocks and trendy wineries to Girraween National Park. Passing campsites heaving with 4wd and shiny new camp gear it was obvious the forecast rainy weather had not deterred the holiday hordes. Always preferring remote experiences, Team Red (plus 4) spent the following days off track exploring prehistoric granite cracks and hidden waterholes around the park. All styles of navigation were used with varying success; map & compass, GPS and 'rock compass'. Vanilla demonstrated crafty skill, creating leg saving gaiters for Mini-me using the sleeves of a t'shirt and a shoe lace. Mini-me has declared photographs of her wearing said gaiters 'not for publication', but if you close your eyes and imagine what a Khazakstani fashion student would create as leggings for male strippers - you'll be halfway there. There are an abundance of orchids and mushrooms growing in the park. A surprise discovery hidden in the fields was a rare, edible type of mushroom (please do not go out and pick and eat field mushrooms without expert advice - you can die). The pace over the weekend was relaxed, the environment lush and scenic and the company enjoyable. For images from another successful Team Red (plus 4) weekend http://www.flickr.com/photos/gnarlydog/3440695356/in/set-72157600724215182/

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