06 April 2009

Sea Kayak Rescue Techniques

K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Sweetheart)

Had the opportunity to try out a new assisted rescue being touted as 'revolutionary' in kayak circles. Each time I've attempted it I have found it complicated, time consuming and injured the rescuer and the rescuee. Having said that, I will await detailed instructions from an 'expert' before totally dissing it. After all, there is no 1 way to paddle, roll or rescue. In the meantime, I'll stick with the fast and simple assisted rescues I currently use.

I found this great link with videos for assisted and self rescues as well as rolls and more. http://www.qajaq.no/technique.asp?id=15
KAMERATREDNING translates to assisted rescue and EGENREDNING is for self rescue - you can figure the rest out as you go.


  1. Hi Tess,
    I was just reading back through your blog and saw the post about the revolutionary new rescue technique. I think I know which one you mean but can you describe which one it is?


    Geoff Murray

  2. Hi Geoff
    I dont know what the roll is called, but this is a link to a video showing Mark S demonstrating it. He has way more coordination and expertise than me, as on the ocasion I tried it, it got ugly!
    Any tips Geoff ?